About Us

Hopkins Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd, ABN 39 139 791 825, is a provider of Company Director, Company Secretary, Local Agent and related services to Australian companies registered under the Corporations Act 2001.

The principal of Hopkins Corporate Solutions, Ian Hopkins, B.Comm., CPA, has over 20 years experience as a company secretary and more recently as a director.

Ian was a professional company secretary with Allens Arthur Robinson for over 15 years, including 8 years as Manager of its Company Secretariat (with staff in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices) and before that 6 years as Joint Manager. Allens Arthur Robinson is one of Australia’s leading law firms.  During this period, Ian was recognised for not only his company secretarial expertise, but also for his knowledge of financial reporting minimisation through the use of various ASIC Class Orders.

Before that, Ian was a company secretary with the Australian listed Lend Lease group, a major international property developer and manager.

Prior to his roles as a company secretary, Ian was employed by Lend Lease in various IT roles (both as a manager and responsible for software development) and prior that as an accountant.

Ian is the author of Corporations: Management and Administration for the LexisNexis publication Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents.

Ian is available to companies and other organisations to:

  • act as a company director;
  • act as a Company Secretary;
  • provide company secretarial and related corporate administrative and compliance services;
  • assist incumbent company secretaries in understanding their duties, responsibilities and scope of the role;
  • relieve company secretaries during temporary absence (to cover holidays, etc) or during busy periods;
  • the audit of statutory and other records to ensure adherence to legal and corporate requirements;
  • train and mentor company secretaries, including guidance in board reporting and governance; and
  • provide local agent services and/or compliance functions to foreign companies.

Please email us at Ian.Hopkins@hopkinscorporate.com.au or Contact Us if you require any further information regarding these services.


Hopkins Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd is not a provider of legal advice. However, if you have the need, we are able to refer you to legal professionals who will be able to respond to any request that you may have, or directly obtain that legal advice for you.